Often, you make do with a room and only decide to modernise it once the décor becomes a disaster. Maybe tiles are falling off the wall, there’s a mould patch in the corner, or your room is dark and dated. You get to a stage where you’ve had enough and it needs to be changed.

Look how sad this bathroom had become:

With it being a small space, the layout had to remain the same, but one of the key changes was replacing the bath for a walk in shower.

When designing such a small space, firstly think functionally and practically what you need from the room. This will help you to understand how you’ll use the room, which enables you to see what should be included in your design.

For this bathroom, another requirement was for better storage for personal items. The shower cubby holes were designed as features and also practical spaces for bathroom products.

As this bathroom was part of the master bedroom suite, the colour scheme was blue and white to complement the overall design scheme.

Glass iridescent mosaic tiles, in shades of blue, created a statement wall in the shower area. It looks amazing, because it sparkles in the daytime whilst creating a softness and calming atmosphere in the evening.

Chrome features helped to modernise the room and reflect light, brightening the bathroom. With such a small space, the sink tap was fitted into the wall, which reduced the depth of the sink itself. I know I’ve only saved a few centimetres by doing this, but it crucially allowed more space for drying when stepping out of the shower.

With no ledge on the sink, additional storage was provided with feature cubby holes above the toilet. Luckily there was depth in the wall to create these.

As the client was a frequent traveller, the modern wall hung toilet was given a continental feel with the addition of a douche.

The floor was finished with specialist non-slip white mosaic tiles. If you decide to use white tiles on your floor, I advise specific grout that’s anti mould and dirt tolerant.

Now the bathroom is practical, modern and stylish. The perfect sanctuary to enjoy a moment to relax and re-energise.


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I hope you’ve found this informative and if you need any help or guidance when planning your bathroom design, I’m always here to help and guide you.


Wishing you a wonderful weekend