Create Your Perfect Sanctuary

With all of the stress, anxiety and worry in the world at the moment, it’s the perfect time to create your perfect sanctuary – a stylish bathroom that will help you relax and energise your day.

Modernising your bathroom is usually one of the most expensive updates that you make in your home. As you’re not going to change it too often, it’s worth future proofing your bathroom so that it doesn’t turn into an expensive mistake. Knowing the latest bathroom trends will help you make an informed decision to create a space that looks gorgeous and feels amazing – a room that’s clutter-free, stress-free and super stylish.

There are three main bathroom trends at the moment:


Each is an extension of interior trends that have been emerging over the last few years. As well as looking great in your home, each trend will help you feel calm, relaxed and energised. By choosing a style that suits your personality, it will always bring joy to your mornings and help you relax at the end of a stressful day.


This bathroom trend has evolved from our love for GREENERY, a Pantone colour for 2017 that was extremely popular within interiors. It was the starting point for plants blooming all over Instagram, which are still a key feature in our homes today.

Tropical is a very sensory and tactile trend that, being close to nature, is both calming and relaxing. Green is the focus colour that’s blended with natural and organic materials, such a stone tiles and wooden sink units. You could use it for feature wall tiles, highlights in wallpaper or add a touch of colour in your towels. Here are my ideas for your TROPICAL bathroom.

(Photo: Pexels Taryn Elliott)


For the Sleek & Modern bathroom trend, it really is as descriptive as the title. The aim is to create an organised, very pure and crisp bathroom style where simplicity is key.

Stripping the bathroom down to it’s bare bones, with minimum colour, can be very challenging because you need to incorporate subtle design details to create an interesting and welcoming space. A neutral colour palette is key to this design, using a balance of either black/white/grey or brown/beige/cream. Keep the space non fussy with lots of cupboards to hide away your bathroom products. This will create a sleek and uncluttered look with a modern style. Here are my ideas for your SLEEK & MODERN bathroom.

(Photo: GA Interiors)

If you’re interested in seeing the highlights of this modern bathroom transformation, pop over to my blog: Modern Sleek Bathroom Transformation


This bathroom trend has evolved from our love for dark colours during the Covid19 pandemic. When you incorporate a more intense colour into your home, particularly in your bedroom or bathroom, it can feel nurturing and cosy. When you’re feeling anxious or troubled, this interior style feels calming, safe and relaxing.

Your focus is on bold but muted tones that give an intensity without the harshness of bold bright colours. This creates your soothing bathroom that has touches of your personality and individuality.

(Photo: Pexels Max Vakhtbovych)

Here are my ideas for your COLOUR POPPING bathroom.

If you have the opportunity to revamp and modernise your bathroom, remember to choose your perfect trend and then choose items that reflect that style. Create a mood board with your ideas, paint or wallpaper samples, photos of products (shower/bath/taps) and then you can visually see how it will all come together.

If you’d like a visual of your bathroom, to see how it would look when finished and looking lovely, then just get in touch. I’ll create you a 2D plan of the layout with 3-dimensional modelling of the space so that you can easily see how it looks from every angle. This will help you make informed choices to create the bathroom of your dreams without the anxiety or worry of making a wrong and costly decision.



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