With 90% of homeowners dissatisfied with their homes even after they’ve decorated, A Home to Cherish will open your eyes to a fresh perspective on interiors. 


Gwendoline’s personal stories show you how interior design and emotions connect to create your dream home. The stories will fill you with ideas and inspiration to successfully create your own stylish, organised and healthy home. Gwendoline also shares her unique journey and explains why she left a successful career to become a professional interior designer.


Design your happy home to look amazing and feel great.


With 50% of the UK workforce destined to work from home in the next 5 years, HOMEwork will give you the tools to create your stylish, organised and productive work space.


Gwendoline’s interviewed a wealth of professionals who work from home. Their stories will provide you with ideas and inspiration on how to create your perfect work space, to suit any type of business and individual home life. Gwendoline will also bring together interior design quick tips and easy to follow techniques to create your ideal work space with minimum fuss and maximum impact. These tried and tested techniques will help you design your space understanding light, organisation, clutter personalities, colour balance, furniture choice, room layout, storage requirements and business style to create your perfect work environment. As well as improving concentration and time management, a focused work space will increase your productivity and overall wellness.


Smart interior design that looks great, feels amazing and helps you perform at your best.