How to successfully grow your business in a home setting

With working from home, the norm rather than the exception, you might be planning on extending your workspace because your temporary set up is ineffective. How do you move away from the dining room table to a ready-made home office, without upsetting the family? 


In this episode I speak to Claudia Griffin who started her photography […]

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3 effective ways to slay noise nuisances in your home

Noise can be disturbing when you need to sleep, annoying when you want to relax and give you brain ached when you have to concentrate. 

In today’s session, I’ll share with you my expert tips on how to overcome those noise nuisances that are disturbing and distracting. This will help you to create a calming, […]

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Set Smaller Achievements to Reach Bigger Goals

This episode is an interview with Laura ‘The Wallpaper Lady’ who is a designer, interior stylist, and blogger for Laura Felicity Design. Laura initially started making bespoke wallpaper and her range has now successfully expanded into fabric, roller blinds, and home accessories. 

She began her pattern design business from her parent’s garage, then created a […]

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How to work from your shed in the garden

This is an interview with Fintech expert Peter Seymour who works from his garden shed. Actually, it’s a very glamorous and bespoke cedar-clad building that’s lovingly nestled in his garden.


When Peter first started working from home, he was confined to an attic space but it wasn’t effective because there was too much noise […]

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How to organize your space to work productively

This episode is an interview with artist, author and filmmaker Lou Hamilton, at her home on an island in London. We discuss her artistic journey and how her home and workspace has changed to accommodate her evolving creativity.

Working from home is more than having a desk, a laptop and a cup of vegan hot […]

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How I became an Interior Designer

In this episode, I’ll share with you my journey into interior design, that includes the happiest and saddest time of my life with my emotions torn apart. Instead of going to Lancashire to see my father, my husband was driving me straight to hospital. 


Opportunities aren’t always obvious and they don’t always happen when […]

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Setting Realistic Work Boundaries in your Home

70% of people globally, work from the comfort of home at least one day a week. Although it’s rewarding being able to work when you want and how you want, in reality, it’s one of the most stressful challenges, often leading to arguments and relationship problems as work squirrels into the heart of your home […]

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