This episode is an interview with artist, author and filmmaker Lou Hamilton, at her home on an island in London. We discuss her artistic journey and how her home and workspace has changed to accommodate her evolving creativity.

Working from home is more than having a desk, a laptop and a cup of vegan hot chocolate. Lou has cleverly divided her apartment into areas that are restful and calming for her writing, with spacious and energizing areas for painting. 

But it’s still a family home with her new puppy, Millie, tearing around the place, so we talk about the compromise with her love for open space and her need for good storage to hide away all her paints and creative clutter. It’s an effective space that enables Lou to be productive and produce her best work. 

Lou has created a light-filled, spacious and practical home that feeds her creativity and nurtures her family.

Gwendoline Alderton: 

Lou Hamilton: