Your bathroom is a space that’s used frequently throughout the day, from invigorating your morning as you’re getting ready and taking time to unwind after a busy day. It’s a room that works really hard to keep you healthy and energised.

With such high usage, it can often be one of the rooms that fades quickly, becoming drab, dated and cluttered with the turn of a tap.

Before Makeover

Although I love the colour pink, this bathroom had become tired and dated. Where once it was a guest bathroom, hardly used and of less importance, it had become the main space for my client to bathe and relax.

Can you spot the 5 main problems with this bathroom?

  • lack of storage
  • tiles falling off the wall
  • carpet (scratched by the cat) on the side of the bath
  • dated style
  • pink colour scheme not his style

In this blog, I’ll share the two most common bathroom problems and how to overcome them, ie: lack of storage and how to add personal style into your bathroom. For the other problems, just take a look at the photos to see how they’ve easily been addressed in this bathroom transformation.


In any bathroom, storage is key for all of your lotions and potions.

Before – Lack of Storage

Just think about how much stuff you have in your bathroom. You might have probably have products to clean yourself, make up, toilet rolls and hand soap, as well as items to clean the bathroom. If you have children, then you’ll most likely have toys and special lotions for their delicate skin. You could even have different products for you and your partner because you don’t like the same things. I know my hubby and I use different toothpastes to suit our different needs. All of these items will clutter your bathroom if you don’t have the right storage to keep your space tidy and organised.

This bathroom was quite small (1.69 m x 1.85 m), so I recommended fitted bathroom furniture that would suit the available space, whilst offering a variety of storage.

Fitted Bathroom Furniture

The wall unit was ideal to hide away personal items, a slim cupboard under the sink for spare toilet rolls and bathroom cleaning stuff, as well as a shelf above the toilet for an electric toothbrush. I could have hidden the toothbrush in the wall cupboard, with an integrated toothbrush socket, but it would have taken away valuable space inside the unit.

When choosing storage for your bathroom, write a list of everything you want to store, then decide what needs to be hidden away and what will be visible so you have easy access to it. For example: I also incorporated a shower caddy, above the bath, for the things he would need to reach everyday when having a bath (shampoo and conditioner). This is a particularly lovely one because, as well as the shadow pattern it makes on the wall, it has slats at the bottom to help the water drain and a plastic insert that can be removed for easy cleaning. It’s sleek, stylish and practical.

Shower Caddy

Knowing what you have, and how you’ll use it in the bathroom, helps you make an informed decision on the type of storage that’s right for you.


To personalise your bathroom, consider adding texture, pattern and colour into your bathroom design.

The Bathroom Transformation

My client’s brief was for a bathroom that reminded him of the seaside: relaxing and calming, echoing the soft sand and clear blue sky. I chose sand coloured flooring and wall tiles, balanced with soft blue cupboards.

Bathroom Colour Scheme

This creates a modern bathroom style where the new colour scheme makes the space feel larger and brighter. I particularly love the wavy wall tiles that I’ve used as a feature in the room. They create a softness in the bathroom, particularly at night time as overhead lighting flows over the tiles. These tiles give the room the movement and texture of relaxing on a beach. So calming and soothing.

Blue is a calming colour, so it was an ideal choice for this bathroom. I could have designed colour into the wall tiles but I wanted to ground the space, so the blue is predominantly in the lower half of the room. When you do this, it feels very earthy and settling.

I chose a mid-tone blue colour because anything paler would have been too insipid and anything darker would be overbearing. This is a perfect balance to the sand colour. It feels homely and comforting.

The bathroom has been transformed from DRAB TO FAB. Where once it was dated, pink and unsettling it’s now modern, blue and comforting. The perfect sanctuary to relax and unwind after a busy day.

If you’re modernising your home, particularly your bathroom, and are
uncertain about the layout or worried about making an expensive mistake,
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