to brighten your home

As the winter months draw in, with the days getting colder and darker, now is the time to brighten your home with lighting. There are so many choices that it can often feel daunting, so here’s are the latest trends and some of my designer tips to help you make the right choice.


The first thing to consider is the purpose of your lighting. Do you need it for reading, safety, crafting, creating a mood or generally to brighten a room?

  • READING – generally you’ll need a light behind or above you. A floor lamp is a good choice
  • SAFETY – usually need this type of lighting on stairs (incorporate lighting into your stairs or have a general light from ceiling spot downlighters) and outside a front door (a wall sensor light is usually the best option because it looks attractive with safety features)
  • CRAFTING – a strong (white light) ceiling pendant will give you clarity whilst crafting. For detail work you’ll most likely also need a task light, such as a desk lamp
  • CREATE A MOOD – to create an ambient mood in any room, think about modern LED lights and bulbs that change colour
  • BRIGHTEN A ROOM – to create a light, bright space, think about how you’ll use the space and then make sure you have the right type of lighting for each activity. If your room has little daylight, look at how you can borrow light from another room (eg: use glazed doors)


Statement lighting creates an amazing feature in your space. It elevates your room, because it’s attractive to look at, whilst creating an appealing focus. Think about where you want the eye to focus in your room, maybe the dining table, your favourite piece of art or a beautiful ceiling.

Here’s a gorgeous feature light that I saw at a recent lighting exhibition. Check out my @gainterior Insta to see a video of this.


The statement light is, made by CURIOUSA, of handblown glass that’s pieced together. This is a trend for next year as you create a home that’s full of your personal style, with the configuration of this light unique to you. It would look particularly amazing where you have high ceilings, to brighten a dark corner or as a feature in a hall.


When you need different types of lighting in a room, it can feel overwhelming matching a pendant light with a floor/table lamp. You can blend lights in different ways:

  • COLOUR – choose the same metal, eg: chrome or brass
  • STYLE – keep to either traditional or modern styles
  • SHAPE – have a strong geometry in your lighting design, eg: circular or square

Here’s a lighting trend that you might like. It’s a Danish design, from UMAGE, that’s blended together with sleek, contemporary lines and brass fixings. I particularly love the different colours and sizes of lights that enable you to incorporate them in any room.

UMAGE (A Danish word meaning ‘Making an Effort’)


Lighting has come on so much since I became an interior designer. I’m constantly overjoyed at the choices that are appearing on the market. In particular, I’m loving the new POLDINA lights that can be charged with a USB, so you don’t need to plug them into a constant socket. It gives you flexibility with your lighting.


The lamps are portable and cordless, with a rechargeable battery, and available in several sizes that can be used inside and outside. Imagine just being able to put a lamp wherever you want in your room. No more straggling cords trailing the floor. In this range, they also have a complementary wired in wall light so you can create a balanced lighting design. I’m particularly loving these metal options for added glow and drama.

Portable + Cordless LED Lamps

Lighting is a key design feature in any room because it keeps you safe, helps you relax and gives you a boost of energy. This enables you to focus, promotes wellness and adds a dazzle of style to your home.

If you’re modernising your home or struggling to light a dark room,
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