A bathroom is no longer just a space to wash your face and scrub behind your ears. A modern bathroom is a luxurious place to relax and unwind after a long day, a space to think and a room where you can escape the hustle and bustle of life. Not only does it have to look great but it should also feel amazing. It’s your sanctuary.


When designing a modern bathroom, one of the key elements is to plan the space in details so that it’s practical for you and your loved ones. When your bathroom is designed to suit you and the way you like to live then it will be easy to keep tidy and effortless to clean, which means that it will always look good.


Here are my 5 top design tips to help you plan your perfect sanctuary. I’ll use a luxury bathroom project, that I designed for a London apartment, where the bath was replaced with a walk in shower to create a modern and stylish space.



It can be expensive to move the toilet waste pipe so I often try and keep that where it is and then redesign the bathroom around it. In this project, however, there was an opportunity to move the toilet. This was useful because it enabled me to optimise the available space for the walk in shower.





In this design, I incorporated a floating wall mounted toilet which gives a greater sense of space in this small bathroom, and it’s easier to keep the space clean.



Once you’ve decided where the toilet will be positioned, the next decision is bath or shower or possibly bath with a shower? My design tip is to measure the available space and then you can find a suitably sized bath or shower to fit the space. There’s nothing more frustrating than finding your perfect bath, and you imagining a luxury soak, then realising that it won’t fit into your space.


When choosing a shower, you’ll need to decide on whether you have a shower unit with a door or you prefer a walk in shower. In smaller bathrooms, a walk in shower often creates a feeling of airiness and space. For this project, I designed a walk in shower using mosaic tiles without a shower tray. Using the same flooring throughout makes the space feel larger and more luxurious.



It’s personal preference whether you want a shower tray or not, but the modern shower trays are usually slimline so you don’t have a huge step up to the shower. If you decide not to have a shower tray then you will need to check your floor to make sure you have enough depth for the shower drain.



There are so many different sinks to choose from that it can often feel overwhelming. I often choose the taps first and then decide on a sink to complement them. For example: if you want wall mounted taps then you’d need a sink without tap holes, but if you want a traditional tap then you’d need two tap holes in your sink. For this bathroom I chose a single waterfall tap with an easily movable lever to adjust the water temperature. It looks sleek and stylish which complements the bathroom design.


Once you’ve chosen your tap, consider the size of sink that will fit into the space and then decide whether you want it wall mounted or floor standing. I wanted to make the most of the space in this compact bathroom, so I chose a wall mounted sink with added storage. When you have a small bathroom and lots of products, storage is crucial to keep the bathroom organised and prevent it from looking untidy and cluttered.



Particularly with a small bathroom, a great way to add your personality and individuality into the space is with feature tiles. Having something that’s unique to you helps to elevate the design to a luxury space. In this bathroom, I chose neutral floor and wall tiles that were complemented with a wall of iridescent glass tiles as a feature.

The feature tiles add a touch of sparkle and change colour depending on the light throughout the day. It creates a wall of art that’s an added interest in the bathroom.



Whenever you redesign a room, but particularly your bathroom, health & safety is paramount. Here are the items that you need to consider in your design:

LIGHTING: There are regulations in place that specify the type of lighting required in different areas of your bathroom. Your bathroom is split into zones depending on the amount of water and steam. Make sure you’re aware of these requirements because it can be extremely dangerous to use a light that isn’t suitable for a bathroom area.

STORAGE: For younger children and pets, it’s mindful to consider the storage you need for any cleaning and cosmetic products or medicines that are stored in your bathroom. They need to be out of reach for young children and you might even consider a lockable cupboard.

FLOORING: If you do have any physical mobility concerns or are afraid of slipping then I recommend you choose nonslip floor tiles or waterproof vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring is also useful if you’re prone to falling because it’s softer as you land.

TAPS: Choose a tap that suits your physical mobility. With some modern taps you need a degree to operate them and if you’re tired or you find it difficult to grasp items then taps can be difficult to operate quickly and effectively. Wherever possible, try out the taps before you buy them.

CLEANLINESS: A bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your home so it can quickly get untidy and dirty. When finalising your products (bath, shower, toilet, sink, taps, tiles) consider how easy it’s going to be to keep clean. A dirty bathroom breeds germs that might make you ill or cause skin problems.


These are my 5 design tips for planning our practical and stylish bathroom, but here’s an added bonus…


If you want to create a luxury bathroom then you should think about the added design details, like the feature wall. You could have :

  • smart lighting that automatically turns on as you enter the room, and changes colour depending on your mood
  • bathroom television that’s hooked up to the internet so you can watch the news as you’re getting ready, or soak in the bath and watch your favourite movie
  • shower controlled by an App so that you can have it running at your ideal temperature as you walk in the door



If your bathroom looks dated, feels squashed or is a bit of an eyesore then just get in touch. I’ll introduce you to my bathroom showroom and redesign your space to create your perfect haven and bathroom sanctuary to relax, unwind and wash away your troubles.


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