When you move into a new house, you’re presented with someone else’s decor and lifestyle. You live with it for a while and sometimes it’s wonderful but, quite often, it’s irritating because it doesn’t suit you and the way you like to live.


Here’s a kitchen that was infuriating because the oven didn’t work and, more annoyingly, the sink and drainer took up half of the worktop space. There was no room to prepare food and the sink was only big enough to wash a teaspoon.

The kitchen looked constantly untidy and, being open plan with the living room, it was a cluttered mess. It needed modernising.


With small spaces, you’re confined within the space so you need to be smart with your design. This means carefully planning every cupboard so that it’s organised to suit you and the way you like to cook. If you like to stir fry then you’ll need space for your wok, but if you prefer to bake then a larder would be ideal for your cake essentials.


Think about how you like to cook and what you like to cook with, because then you can figure out what’s the best storageĀ  for all of your stuff. It will also help you decide on the main appliances, for example: do you need a wok burner or a cake oven? If you’re like me then you’ll definitely have a drinks’ fridge for party fizz in the design.


Here’s my redesign for this kitchen.


With a gleaming new oven that microwaves and grills, you don’t need a separate microwave so there’s more cupboard space for kitchen stuff.

With a sleek modern sink and cut out drainer grooves, I’ve doubled the worktop space.


The kitchen is now organised and stylish so that it looks good and feels amazing. Crack open the fizz and let’s have friends over.

If you’re struggling with a small kitchen then checkout my Pinterest Board for ideas and inspiration: BIG IDEAS FOR SMALL KITCHENS

If you’re struggling creating more space in your kitchen or just want to modernise it, just get in touch and I’ll redesign your space to suit you and the way you like to cook and entertain friends.


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