A Change Of Direction

I’d like to share with you a 5 minute talk that I was asked to present recently:


(How Interior Design Helped Me Swim Away From The Grief Shark)


It’s was useful for me to write and speak about my personal journey, and the important steps, of how the loss of a loved one can also be positive. It can take you in […]

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How To Become An Interior Designer

In the Parentpreneur podcast you can hear how Gwendoline gave up a successful career in I.T. to become an interior designer with her own successful practice. Find out how she overcame the fear to change careers and hear how she juggles being a busy mum with the challenges of being an entrepreneur.


How To Become An Interior […]

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Listen to the latest Interior Design Trends

Click to hear the latest interior design trends for a colourful and bright summer.


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How To Create A Cohesive Flow In Your Home

At my spring Secret Design Party, one of the guests came with the interior design dilemma of ‘how do you create a cohesive flow in your home’. It’s an important question to consider if you’re extending or you’ve just moved into a new home and want to make it feel homely, if you’re planning on selling your property […]

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The Heart Of Your Treasures

This is Spring Clean Week and so far I’ve posted a blog on how to Style Your Collections and organise your home for those Just In Case situations. These are common areas that cause clutter and anxiety in the home.


Today I’d like to share with you how you can ‘let go’ of your treasures, when they no […]

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Just In Case Organisation

Do you have a drawer full of ‘Just In Case’ bits and pieces. It’s usually in the office or the kitchen and contains small items such as paperclips, elastic bands, the lid of a pen, a pen that doesn’t work, Lego bits and possibly matches.


Some of the things are useful, but there’s always the temptation to forget about them […]

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A Collector’s Paradise

It’s Spring Cleaning Week so I though I would help make it easier for you declutter and organise your home with my Interior Design tips and House Doctor guidance.


Spring cleaning became fashionable in the Edwardian times. After the industrial revolution, with the advancements in technology and medicine, we became aware of the link between dirt and health. […]

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Spring Interior Design Trends

As the evenings start to get lighter and my chickens are wanting to come out of their coop for a wander, it’s starting to look a lot like Spring.  I always look forward to Spring because it’s a blast of colour after the grey winter months. It gives a boost to your home and helps rejuvenate your space.

Spring is a […]

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Valentine Love Luxuries

This is the month for love so I’m sharing with you my Valentine Love Luxuries – quick and effective ways to bring a touch of glamour and romance to your bedroom. It’s all about the senses x


Whether you love it or hate it, this is a great time of year to evaluate your home and rekindle the love. With our […]

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Empowering the Next Generation :: with a Talented Space

This is the last in my series of Empowering the Next Generation this week – looking at how to create a healthy, creative, social and talented space for your children to develop their skills and confidence, so that they not only create a fulfilled and happy life for themselves but also feel capable to create a future world […]