Where to start when you decorate your home

Whether you’re refreshing a room, knocking down walls to create open plan living, or adding an extension to increase your space, it can often feel overwhelming when you’re changing your home. You want to create a stylish home but there’s too much choice and you don’t know where to start. How do you get the […]

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Sexy Storage Ideas to Keep Your Home Looking Stylish

During lockdown the trend was to clear out clutter and organise your space. It’s one of the most cost effective ways of creating extra space and adding value to your home. But your room can quickly become messy again if you don’t have the right type of storage for your things.


Sexy styling focuses on creating an […]

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How to Brighten Your Living Room With Perfect Lighting

I’m working on a project at the moment where my clients are relocating from an open plan living room, with fabulous views over the river Thames, to a country Hertfordshire home with garden views. The London apartment is flooded with gorgeous bright daylight, but the Hertfordshire home has subtle light.


Their instant reaction was to install […]

Modernise Your Bedroom With Style

As you head into the cold winter months, it’s the ideal opportunity to refresh your bedroom so that it feels snuggly and comforting. Many bedrooms are more than just a place to sleep. It could be your getaway from the busyness of life, your sanctuary from the stresses of the world or even your new […]

Design Ideas to Modernise Your Stairs

Often you don’t need to makeover a complete room when you can modernise elements within it to energise your space.


This staircase was looking drab and dated. The banister had come loose, the paint was chipped and the spindles were awkward to clean. It needed modernising.

A great way to decide how to modernise your stairs is […]

3 Design Hacks When Decorating Your Child’s Bedroom

Today I’ll share with you my 3 design hacks when decorating your child’s bedroom because, often you don’t need to redecorate a whole room as a light refresh will fix the problems. Over the lock down period, I’ve been going around my home and updating those annoying things in every room. With children going back to […]

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Interior Colour Trend For Summer 2020 (Brooklyn Blue)

If you’re planning on decorating your home then Brooklyn Blue is on trend for Summer 2020. It’s slightly softer than the denim inky blues of previous years but still provides a dramatic feature in a living room or bedroom, and it looks lovely with all of your neutrals tones and golden highlights. 


For a sense of drama and excitement, […]

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Stylish Fireplace Design

A roaring fire goes back to the beginning of time when there was a pit in the middle of the cave burning logs. Not only would it provide a sense of warmth, but it also gave a feeling of togetherness. I fondly remember Bonfire Nights at home with my parents and sisters, where we would […]

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Interior Colour Trend For Summer 2020 (First Light)

A fashionable colour trend for Summer 2020 homes is First Light. It’s a subtle soft pink tone that looks amazing as an accent in your master bedroom (bedding), office (wall paint) or living room (cushions). Many people shy away from pink but it’s a gorgeous colour that’s always popular within interiors. It brings a lovely sense of balance […]

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Popular Colour Trends For Your Home: Summer 2020

If you’re planning on decorating your home then here are my highlights of the latest colours that are fashionable and also look amazing in any room: First Light, Brooklyn Blue, Local Green 


First Light is a soft pink tone that’s popular for accessories and feature walls. It’s a subtle colour that’s easy to live with and […]

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