As a professional Interior Designer, with a duty of care to my clients, trades and suppliers,
this highlights my new working practices, at GA Interiors, during the Coronavirus pandemic.


Interior Design is for the times when you’d like my professional advice and expertise
to create your perfect home.  


A free telephone consultation, with Gwendoline. She’ll listen to your concerns, answer your questions and explain the interior design steps that will help create your ideal space. 

Our conversation will also include an informal risk assessment so that we can both prepare ourselves for any visits to your home or property. In particular, I will need to know if anyone in the household is, or has recently been, self-isolating and whether there is anyone in the property who has been advised to shield.

I’ll email you my design questionnaire to complete and return. This is useful because it helps you to think about the issues that you’d like me to resolve and how I can help redesign your space.

During this stage, we’ll also agree whether you need an ‘at home’ consultation or whether you’re comfortable for the design to be delivered remotely.


Under normal circumstances, I’d visit your home to discuss your ideas and individual requirements. I’d then provide you with my design recommendations to advise you on the best way forwards to achieve your dream home.

Taking into consideration coronavirus, the advice is to keep activity time together as short as possible. With this in mind, and to ensure you have a quality experience with GA Interiors, the following will be put in place:


There will be an initial video meeting where we will go through your completed design questionnaire, discussing your ideas and individual requirements. If possible, you could also take me on a virtual tour of your home and the space you’d like me to redesign. If you prefer, you can send me a video or photos of the room.   


At home consultations will only be required if I need to see space that you’d like me to redesign, or if I have to take measurements for quoting on fittings and furnishings. Where a home consultation is not required or is inappropriate, you’re welcome to send me a video or photos of your room(s).   

To keep the visit as short as possible, the ‘at home’ consultation will be no longer than 30 minutes. To achieve this, there will be limited discussion at your home about the design. If we do need to discuss your space, whilst I’m at your home, then it will be conducted either outside or in a well-ventilated space.

For the consultation, I will wear a face covering and single use gloves to minimise any cross contamination. We will need to avoid any face to face contact, particularly when you answer the door, and adhere to correct distancing guidelines of 2m. You will be asked to leave all internal doors open, to minimise contact with door handles.

I thank you for your kindness in offering me a drink but, under the coronavirus circumstances, I will bring my own bottle of water. Where required, I will also bring my own equipment (pens, tape measure, colour charts, laptop) to avoid any cross contamination.


Room layouts, fabric samples, mood boards and a budget breakdown help you understand how the design comes together to create your cohesive, organised and stylish home. 

The design process itself doesn’t require any additional measures because I will create ideas for your new room in my design studio.


If you’ve asked for a physical mood board, I will present it to you via video chat and then convert it to an e-board (an electronic version of the mood board) so that I can email it directly to you.


The design review would normally be face to face to go through my ideas and recommendations, however, I will now email you my design recommendations report and then we can discuss the ideas either over the phone or video chat.


Practical solutions to organise your home. They’ll suit you and your lifestyle to save you time, helping you to tidy up effortlessly and keeping your home looking perfectly presentable.


If this is required to be an ‘at home’ visit then, as with the design consultation, this will be carried out under coronavirus guidelines of social distancing and activity time as short as possible.


An alternative to the home visit is my ‘Organise Your Home’ Digest. This is your personalised document that will analyse your clutter personality, address any clutter triggers in your home, offer practical storage solutions and give you a clear understanding of the next steps. It will be sent to you by email and then we’ll have a video chat to discuss my ideas of how you can quickly and effortlessly organise your space.


From high street to handmade, I’ll source the perfect items to fit your budget and create your stylish home.

I would normally offer shopping trips with you but, under these circumstances, I will either have samples delivered directly to you or bring them to your home and leave them at your door. We will then review their suitability over the phone or via video chat.

If you would like to use my specialist trades and suppliers then the following guidelines will be adhered to where possible:

  • The number of workers within a confined space will be limited to maintain social distancing
  • The same workers will be allocated to a household where jobs are repetitive
  • A fixed pairing system will be used if people have to work in close proximity, eg: during two-person assembly
  • There will be 2-day gap between different trade visits, eg: decorator, curtain maker, carpet fitter


The final touches of styling accessories showcases the beauty of your room, bringing balance and harmony to your home. 

At home styling, as with the design consultation, this will be carried out under Covid 19 guidelines of social distancing.

These changes have been put in place to provide a premium interior design service
that is as safe as possible for you during this Covid 19 pandemic.