This week I’ve reflected how to create a healthy space and a creative space for your children to develop their skills and confidence, so that they not only create a fulfilled and happy life for themselves but also feel capable to create a future world that is beneficial to others.

Yesterday I shared with you how to create a Confident Space that will invigorate and energise your children so they feel empowered and fearless.

Today I’ll be sharing with you how to create a Social Space to help reduce stress and anxiety for your child, whilst promoting an environment for conversation and sharing time with friends.



A social space is very important for every child so that they learn to interact with others, create relationships and understand another point of view.


For some children the thought of having a friend over causes immense stress and anxiety because they’re ashamed of their environment, their home or their bedroom.


One of the designs that I’ve created over the years has been for an 11 year old girl, Skye. I was asked to redesign her bedroom because she was having trouble sleeping. It became evident that dated décor was discouraging her from inviting friends over, which was heightened by poor storage preventing her from tidying up properly. This caused her anxiety and was stopping her from sleeping well.


As children grow up, not only do their needs change but their personality develops. Colour and style are two key elements that help to create an individual and personal space. It’s the individuality of a room that will help your child feel nurtured and secure in the space, helping to reduce their anxiety. Once they feel secure in their space then they will feel confident to share it with others.


For Skye, she wanted a complete change of colour in her bedroom, from pink to blue, so I created a field of dreams using modern blue wallpaper complimented with aqua blue paint – a calming and relaxing space.


My son’s bedroom, however, has gone through a range of styles over the years. It started out with animals and a jungle theme when he was a baby, then it went to a castle theme when he was a toddler, and now he’s a young adult it’s a modern blue and white scheme.


Throughout each stage of his development, we’ve worked together to create a design for his room.  Involving your children in the design process enables them to express their personality which creates a space that they love. This encourages them to share their environment and invite friends over to enjoy time together.


As Skye said to me, “This is the bedroom I always dreamt of.” Now that her room looks #gorgeous, she sleeps well because it’s the sociable space she always imagined so she enjoys having her friends over to stay.


Creating a personal and unique space for your child will make them feel safe, secure and connected to their environment. It will make them proud of their space so that they not only keep it tidy but also want to share it with their friends – a happy space.



In the meantime, if you have any questions then either get in touch or sign up to my interior design master class – #secretdesignparty where I’ll answer them in person. At the Secret Design Party, I’ll share with you how to use these and other skills to help you create a social space for your child to have fun with friends – their happy space.




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