This week  my focus is on empowering the next generation – how our children can develop their skills and confidence so that they not only create a fulfilled and happy life for themselves, but also feel capable to create a future world that is beneficial to others.


Yesterday I shared with you how to create a Healthy Space that encourages your child to tidy up and teaches them organisational skills that they can take into adult life.


Today I’ll be sharing with you how to create a Confident space that will invigorate and energise your children so they feel empowered and fearless.


Confidence comes from appreciating our achievements, from remembering the good times and also how we’ve overcome difficulties. Whether it’s their swimming medal, a school ‘star of the week’ award, or their latest picture made out of pasta, showcasing your child’s awards and certificates in their bedroom or personal space helps to rekindle feelings of achievement which in turn will promote confidence.


I appreciate that you might have your child’s drawings on the fridge door but this is a passing point rather than a resting point. It’s a great place for you to see your child’s achievement but it’s more beneficial for your child if the award is in their bedroom or personal space, then it’s one of the first things they see when they go to sleep and also when they wake up.


Every day when they wake up they will see the award and remember how good they felt when they got it. They will remember how hard they had to work to achieve it, because nothing comes easily, which will encourage them to start each day feeling positive, confident and empowered.


My daughter had a clear out of her bedroom before she went to university but she still has some of her prized dance trophies on display because they hold memories of success and happiness. She was not only proud when she achieved her awards and she’s still proud today of her achievements.


For my son, however, he loved the sticker chart when he was young. He loved to see a new star on his chart every day. He was always excited at the prospect of adding to his achievements. When he grew out of stickers as a motivation we moved on to marbles in a jar. Now that he’s older the marbles have gone, he displays images and photos in his room that motivate his ideas and inspire his studies. He’s looking to the future.


Seeing awards and achievements, whether your child’s own work or inspiration from someone else, will give your child the confidence to start each day with hope and positivity. Research has shown that the benefits of an optimistic outlook include flexible thinking, creativity, longevity, and better health. This is definitely what I desire for my children and I’m sure you do to.


Showcasing your children’s achievements will help to inspire and motive them to achieve their best, to overcome difficulties and to remember the pleasure of success.  


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At the Secret Design Party, I’ll share with you how to use these and other skills to help you create an environment where your children will feel positive, optimistic and confident – their happy space.





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