COLOUR 2021:

This year’s trending colour palette for your home focuses on bright happy Illuminating Yellow, neutral highlights of Olive Green or blush sugary accents of Powdered Clay. 

I’ll gradually showcase all of these colours but for today I’d like to introduce you to Illuminating Yellow from Pantone. 

Out of all of these trending colours, I think Illuminating Yellow will be the one that you’ll find the most difficult to incorporate into your home. It’s a bright and sunny colour that will energise any room, but it can feel a little scary or overwhelming.

To use Illuminating Yellow successfully, I recommend that you focus on a pop of colour balanced with neutrals of grey or white. In this festive snug, I used it as a pop of colour in the accessories to lift and brighten a dark blue sofa. It stopped the room from feeling dull and drab.

In this master bedroom, however, I added Illuminating Yellow into a feature sofa as a statement piece. It’s like waking up to sunshine. It’s balanced with white walls and soft grey flooring to create a stylish space to relax and unwind.

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