When you’ve spent so much time indoors, it’s refreshing to add a pop of colour to brighten your space and energise your home. A great way to add colour is with the Christmas trend of RAINBOW DELIGHTS.

For a touch of festive fun, fibre optic trees look lovely decked with novelty baubles.



Use jewel colours and sumptuous textures to make your home pop with delight. It’s a great way of adding drama with less fuss, sparkle or glitter. 

When using colour in your home, make sure it blends seamlessly in open plan spaces. Pick a colour, like Classic Blue, and then use the lighter tones and darker shades to add interest to your home. It will help to create your cohesive space that looks great and feels amazing. 

In this kitchen + dining + family space the snug has darker colours and sumptuous fabrics because it’s a brighter end of the room that’s relaxing and invigorating. The dark blue is brought into the dining area through the crockery on the breakfast bar. It’s then mixed with pale shades of blue, in the flower arrangement and serviettes, to lighten the space as you move towards the kitchen.


The darker blue is then reintroduced in the splashback for the hob. The pockets of colour are carefully placed,  helping to bring the two areas together to create a cohesive space that welcoming and stylish.  

If you want to energise and invigorate your home, add jewels to your home with pops of colour. It’s looks gorgeous at any time of the year.



Happy Christmas,


BIID Interior Designer