This year, spending more time at home is changing our bathroom habits. Compared to the quick exit showers, we now love to lounge with a soak in the bath.

The bath just used to be a stepping stone to the shower but now, ┬ábeing surrounded in warm and comforting exotic bubbles is a soothing time away from the stresses of your everyday. You could even lay back and watch your favourite Netflix box set on your bathroom TV that’s integrated and disguised into a demisting mirror.

As you step out of the bath, you’re greeted with feature tiles full of colour and pattern. A vibrant floor cheers you up on a gloomy day and brightens even the smallest of spaces. If you don’t like pattern then a strong dark colour might float your boat. A dark floor feels grounding because it’s like the earth beneath your feet, solid and supportive.

Staying at home, with time to shop online and pamper yourself, you’ll need to think about smart storage for all of your beauty goodies. Tall and slender built in units are the key for maxing out your storage. They look stylish even when every corner is cramped with your potions and creams.

In recent years, bathrooms have been devoured with plush green foliage but his year, colour is tentatively stepping back into the bathroom with feature wall tiles, exotic wallpaper and coloured sinks. Popular colours for sinks include blush pink and a sugary baby blue, matt colours for added depth. If a coloured sink doesn’t appeal then why not have a floating stone sink that has texture, colour and style.

These are just some of the exciting bathroom trends this year. If you want a splash of more bathroom ideas and inspiration, check out my Pinterest board:


With endless bathroom possibilities to energise your home, if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with what to choose and don’t know where to start, just give me a call and I’ll design your perfect bathroom sanctuary.


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