According to a study I was reading recently, it was suggested that 65% of women aged 40-60 prefer NOT to speak to their doctor about the menopause as they’re worried they won’t get the right support.
So, what do you do if you’re not taking medical advice from your doctor? Of course you talk to your friends who have been through it or are travelling along the road of menopausal discovery.


All the stories I’ve heard on the menopause make it sound like a rite of passage where you grin and bear it… much like childbirth!!!


With this in mind, I’m excited to introduce HEALTHSPACE where I’ve teamed up with Rachel McGuinness (Sleep Specialist) and Jacob Reimann (Health Therapist) because we don’t want you to ‘grin and bear it’. We want you to be informed about important health topics, such as the menopause.


Each month we’ll share with you our free HEALTHSPACE webinar looking at health from a three point perspective:




Our first webinar in January delved into THE MENOPAUSE :: How to feel human during the menopause.
Rachel has been through the menopause herself so she shares her personal insights into how to travel this journey and come out ‘feeling human’. Jacob shared his health insights on how you can promote a healthy and less aggressive menopause. And of course, I’ll highlighted how to create a home environment that nurtures and support you during this important stage of your life.
In the HEALTHSPACE webinar we covered the main areas of concern for women during their menopause journey:
  1. Night Sweats
  2. Hot Flush and Cold Chills
  3. Mood Swings
If you have any specific menopause questions that you would like us to answer about the menopause then just post a message on the HEALTHSPACE group and we’ll make sure that we answer it.
Check out future topics by joining the HEALTHSPACE Facebook group.
Looking forward to sharing a healthier year with you in 2018,
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