When we think of our home, we usually see it as a sanctuary, a place to unwind and relax.


However, it’s also a space that should energise and invigorate you, inspiring you to take the next step, to go for that opportunity and to feel confident when you step out the door. An invigorating home will help to boost your mood, making you feel refreshed, awake and positive.



“The way people describe their home reflects whether
their time at home feels restorative or stressful.”

Darby E. Saxbe, Rena Repetti (Personality & Social Psychology bulletin)


  • Women with higher stressful home (HSH) scores had a flatter diurnal cortisol slope (a profile associated with adverse health outcomes) and showed an increased depressed mood over the course of the day
  • Women with higher restorative home (HRH) scores had steeper cortisol slopes and a lower depressed mood over the day


What words would you use to describe your home? Is it uplifting, energetic and engaging? Or is it gloomy, cold and stressful?


If your home is feeling a little sad or gloomy, here are my 3 quick and effective ways to help boost your home so that it gives you energy and brightens your mood.



The colour of a room can instantly lift your mood sending happy signals straight to your senses.


To choose the right colour for your home there is interior design science and colour techniques to take into consideration but ultimately we are drawn to a colour that we love, one that makes us feel comfortable and reflects our personality.


I’ve been speaking to several women recently who’ve chosen a trendy neutral colour scheme of grey or beige for their room but it feels bland, uninteresting or unfinished; it doesn’t have enough of a personality in the colour to add interest to the space.  If this is you then you could add a blush of soft colour to your room or go for bold colour blocking in the accessories. Colour should reward you with feelings of joy and inspiration.


The colour for 2018 is Ultra Violet, a deep, rich and sensual purple. It will lift your spirit and warm your heart.   The last time this colour was fashionable was 20014 with a softer purple of RADIANT ORCHID. Purple is always a joy in any home because it’s easy to blend into any room, from the office to the kitchen and from the lounge to the bedroom. It brings power and a softness to the home, helping us to relax and also feel empowered.



Colour, as I’ve just mentioned, will add personality to your home giving you a lift in energy, however, there are many other interior design solutions that help create a space that feels personal to you.


Using feature wallpaper, furniture or accessories with colour, pattern and texture will make your space feel individual and special. But, I recommend that you always choose a feature that you really love rather than ‘of the moment’ on trend because this will help to future proof your home so that you won’t get bored with it.


A healthy home keeps your mind nurtured for a lengthy period of time. As soon as you start getting bored with things then it’s wise to look at how to refresh your home.



We can get bored in our homes when we’re looking at the same things every day. We’re often looking at the same things because we’re creatures of habit, sitting in the same seat every day.


You have two options to re-energise your space and refresh what you see…


Firstly, try sitting in a different position or on a different seat so that you have a refreshing view and a new perspective on your home.


Secondly, move things around. This is particularly important if you have a room that you don’t like or don’t use. Quite often I’m called upon to refresh a space and the first thing I review is the furniture layout and accessory styling. Making such small changes can often invigorate a room which will boost your energy, brighten the space and encourage conversation. It becomes a space where you love to be once more.


I hope these tips have helped you take a fresh look at your home. Why not try them out today to give your home a boost and your energy a kick to start the new year with vitality.


If you need a little help and guidance with your interior design then just get in touch and book your HEALTHY HOME CHECK, where I’ll pop over and show you exactly how to re-energise your home… just give me a call to discuss your individual requirements.




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