A fashionable colour trend for Summer 2020 homes is First Light. It’s a subtle soft pink tone that looks amazing as an accent in your master bedroom (bedding), office (wall paint) or living room (cushions). Many people shy away from pink but it’s a gorgeous colour that’s always popular within interiors. It brings a lovely sense of balance and harmony, as well as a nurturing feeling to any room. This is particularly important for any living space where you want to relax and unwind in comfort.


You could paint a whole wall of subtle pink, but even small elements of colour in your room will give you a boost of energy and vibrancy. To show you an example, here’s a room I designed with accents of the blush pink…

The design focused on modern tones of grey for a timeless style, but it needed a colour to soften the look and prevent the room from looking a little stark. With inspiration from the flamingo artwork, touches of blush pink were incorporated into accessories. It’s now a restful, calming and stylish space to enjoy with friends and family. The living room was so lovely that it was also published in The Sunday Times ‘House Proud’.  


If you’d like to see the design details of this living room transformation then check this out:


If you’d like to learn more about colour balance and how to choose the right colours for you home, pop over to YouTube and watch my colour video:

Top Interior Design Tip For Using The Colour Wheel To Create Successful Colour Scheme In Your Home

If you’re not feeling confident with colour or you’re struggling to find your perfect shade then just get in touch. I’ll help you choose a colour that suits your personality and makes the room look amazing. I can give your home a boost and instantly re-energise your drab and dreary space with a pop of colour. 


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