During lockdown the trend was to clear out clutter and organise your space. It’s one of the most cost effective ways of creating extra space and adding value to your home. But your room can quickly become messy again if you don’t have the right type of storage for your things.


Sexy styling focuses on creating an attractive display. Storage will help you to see or hide your items so that your room looks lovely and reflects your personality.  Here are my design hacks of sexy storage ideas to make your life easier and keep your home looking stylish. 


  • Storage for the stuff you don’t want to see 

To create a feeling of space, you often need to hide away the clutter. But, an important consideration is deciding what type of storage you need for your stuff. It has to be helpful so that it’s quick for you to put your things away but easy for you to get them out again. 

Often the desire is to have things organised so that you can find them straight away, but there’s no point having a fancy filing system if you still have a pile of paperwork on the floor because it’s too much of an effort to put things away. You’d be far better with a simple box file for each year, so that it’s quick to put things away and you have the confidence that you can still find your paperwork easily when needed. 


The other consideration is height because all of your everyday items should be within easy reach. Consider, how often you need to get to your things. If you use them frequently, then they should be easily accessible but, if you don’t need them very often then you could store them at the back of a cupboard or in a loft.  Flexibility and mobility are also considerations when choosing storage height because, for example, you might want a child to be able to reach their toys but unable to reach the flour (I think we’ve all seen those YouTube videos!).


  • Storage to display the things you love 

You can’t beat a good shelf when you want to see your treasures on display. Whether it’s your books all lined up and ready for reading, a trophy showcasing your award or a family photo of loved ones, we all have stuff that we want to have nearby and visible. The way to make straight shelving look great is to leave space between items and have a variety of heights in your arrangements.


With working from home now a thing, you possibly have even more stuff in your personal space. It’s mindful to consider what you permanently want out and visible, alongside what items you need out for a short period of time and can then put away. Particularly with work stuff, if it’s left out then you could find it difficult to switch off and relax. Try to find a box, a storage ottoman or a cupboard to put your work things in once you’ve finished for the day. It will help to define a better work/life balance.

  • Storage to create an impact

Storage is useful but it can also be attractive, creating interest and impact in your room.  


The key to making it look attractive is to have a common theme running through your display. It might be the same coloured items, a similar texture or the same style. When you want to put things together that are more disjointed, such as old sepia pictures alongside new digital photos, then you can create a balance if the picture frames are the same or similar colours. If, however, you want to blend an array of different items together then it’s often best to have shelving that’s also disjointed, so that each item has its own space.


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