As you head into the cold winter months, it’s the ideal opportunity to refresh your bedroom so that it feels snuggly and comforting. Many bedrooms are more than just a place to sleep. It could be your getaway from the busyness of life, your sanctuary from the stresses of the world or even your new home office. Your space to work, rest and play.


You think of your bedroom as a place to rest but it should also be an energising and invigorating space to rejuvenate your day. One way of adding a boost to your bedroom is to give it a little refresh of colour, texture or style. If you change it up then it will help to change how you feel.


Here’s a bedroom with great potential that was looking a little dated. It just needed some light designer touches to help refresh the space.


There were a few minor problems with the room:

  • the room was looking tired and lacked colour balance because the space was a neutral apart from a few accessories of purple on the bed
  • the voile curtain behind the bed had to go because it was making the room feel small, drab and dated
  • as with many bedrooms that I see, the bedside lamps were too small and bland
  • although the ceiling light was pretty, it wasn’t large enough for the bedroom
  • the curtains themselves were fine but they needed a new curtain pole because they weren’t hanging correctly, so they didn’t look neat and straight
  • a drawer unit was overpowering in the bedroom, making the room feel small and cramped

Here’s the makeover to modernise the bedroom:


The room instantly looks larger without the voile curtain behind the bed, and the walls are refreshed with a clotted cream paint colour (Dulux 10YY 72/021) that complements the headboard perfectly.   Choosing the ideal paint colour gives an instant boost to your room.


The next major change was replacing the bedside lamps with something larger and a touch of colour. I absolutely love these Ursula lamps from John Lewis. They’re quite large, making a statement in the bedroom, whilst helping to spread more colour into the room. They look soft and elegant, and are just perfect for this bedroom.


I knew it would be impossible to find a ready-made ceiling pendant to complement them, so I sourced similar fabric and then commissioned a large pendant shade. It’s slightly more expensive than buying off the high street, but you do get exactly what you need to finish the room and it looks so stylish. Using purple in the ceiling lampshade helps to blend the colour into the room, creating a cohesive space that’s not just focused on the bed. Balancing the colour out into your space creates a more unified and attractive room.


A quick and effective way of modernising the curtains was replacing the old tracking with a new curtain pole. I chose a cream wooden pole with rounded ball finials to complement the headboard. The curtains now hang straight and look like new. Small changes can have a huge impact on how your room feels.


Another small and effective change in this room was moving the large drawers into the dressing room. They were overpowering the space so I replaced them with a simple ottoman and handmade cushions. It’s now a comfortable place to sit and can be styled in lots of different ways depending on how you feel in the morning. 



With carefully selected designer touches, the bedroom has now been transformed from drab and dated to modern and stylish. 

You could modernise your bedroom to create a refreshing and invigorating place to relax and unwind.



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