Stylish Fireplace Design

A roaring fire goes back to the beginning of time when there was a pit in the middle of the cave burning logs. Not only would it provide a sense of warmth, but it also gave a feeling of togetherness. I fondly remember Bonfire Nights at home with my parents and sisters, where we would […]

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Interior Colour Trend For Summer 2020 (First Light)

A fashionable colour trend for Summer 2020 homes is First Light. It’s a subtle soft pink tone that looks amazing as an accent in your master bedroom (bedding), office (wall paint) or living room (cushions). Many people shy away from pink but it’s a gorgeous colour that’s always popular within interiors. It brings a lovely sense of balance […]

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Popular Colour Trends For Your Home: Summer 2020

If you’re planning on decorating your home then here are my highlights of the latest colours that are fashionable and also look amazing in any room: First Light, Brooklyn Blue, Local Green 


First Light is a soft pink tone that’s popular for accessories and feature walls. It’s a subtle colour that’s easy to live with and […]

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Design Tips for Planning Your Stylish Bathroom

A bathroom is no longer just a space to wash your face and scrub behind your ears. A modern bathroom is a luxurious place to relax and unwind after a long day, a space to think and a room where you can escape the hustle and bustle of life. Not only does it have to […]

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Big Ideas For Small Kitchens

When you move into a new house, you’re presented with someone else’s decor and lifestyle. You live with it for a while and sometimes it’s wonderful but, quite often, it’s irritating because it doesn’t suit you and the way you like to live.


Here’s a kitchen that was infuriating because the oven didn’t work and, more […]

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Glastonbury At Home 2020

This year celebrates 50 years of Glastonbury festival, but this year it’s ‘At Home’. You’ll get a totally different vibe but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all of the fun. You could camp in your garden and create the perfect outdoor experience for jamming to your favourite tunes, decorate your home in […]

3 effective ways to slay noise nuisances in your home

Noise can be disturbing when you need to sleep, annoying when you want to relax and give you brain ached when you have to concentrate. 

In today’s session, I’ll share with you my expert tips on how to overcome those noise nuisances that are disturbing and distracting. This will help you to create a calming, […]

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Set Smaller Achievements to Reach Bigger Goals

This episode is an interview with Laura ‘The Wallpaper Lady’ who is a designer, interior stylist, and blogger for Laura Felicity Design. Laura initially started making bespoke wallpaper and her range has now successfully expanded into fabric, roller blinds, and home accessories. 

She began her pattern design business from her parent’s garage, then created a […]

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How to work from your shed in the garden

This is an interview with Fintech expert Peter Seymour who works from his garden shed. Actually, it’s a very glamorous and bespoke cedar-clad building that’s lovingly nestled in his garden.


When Peter first started working from home, he was confined to an attic space but it wasn’t effective because there was too much noise […]

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How to organize your space to work productively

This episode is an interview with artist, author and filmmaker Lou Hamilton, at her home on an island in London. We discuss her artistic journey and how her home and workspace has changed to accommodate her evolving creativity.

Working from home is more than having a desk, a laptop and a cup of vegan hot […]

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