Your bedroom should be the perfect space for you to relax and unwind. It should help you feel energised when you wake, and be your perfect sanctuary to invigorate your mind and body. But, often it’s one of the last rooms to be decorated because nobody sees it but you. So, it’s left looking dull, dated and neglected.


By creating an attractive and personal bedroom, you give yourself a calming space where you can leave the daily stress behind as soon as you enter. As you drift into sleep, your bedroom helps to relax your thoughts and calm your mind. First thing in the morning, it gives you a boost to energise your day.


This bedroom was looking dated, but the couple had lived with it for a couple of years after moving into the luxurious new property. Their focus had initially been on refurbishing the downstairs, but now the master bedroom was ready for a transformation.

Although the décor was looking tired, the room itself was an amazing space, with a high ceiling, great proportions and period features. To add to the grandeur of the space, the couple wanted a glamorous bedroom with a feature warp-around bed.


I designed the bedroom with this amazing deep buttoned, gold winged, statement bed.

The bed was complemented with mirrored furniture in a sleek Parisian style and feature wallpaper. As the room was cavernous, I chose a wallpaper in a subtle colour and soothing pattern so that it would swathe the room in style.


To complete the design, the existing window treatments were replaced with practical blackout roman blinds, flanked by dress curtains and a deep pelmet. This complemented the height of the room whilst adding a cosy and welcoming feel to the bedroom.

It’s now the perfect retreat that feels glamorous and sumptuous.

If you’d like to add a touch of glamour to your bedroom, start with an amazing piece of inspiration. It might be a golden bed, beautiful wallpaper, silk curtains or a crystal chandelier. Use your inspiration to create a design that blends beautifully with style, texture and colour.


You deserve to have an amazing space to call your own. It will give you space to think, a place to relax and time to re-energise. Make the most of your bedroom and create your dream room that’s personalised perfectly to suit you.


If you need inspiration and ideas then I’m always here to help and guide you.


BIID Interior Designer