How to go from DRAB to FAB

A new kitchen is an expensive purchase, but it’s particularly important not to overspend if you’re planning on moving house in the next few years. How do you create a stylish and attractive kitchen that will appeal to your buyers without spending a fortune?

There are several high street kitchens that look attractive and won’t break the bank, but you still need to know how to design a layout that will impress your buyers and suit your lifestyle. It’s a balance between what you want and how far you can add your individual personality without turning off your potential buyers.

Here’s a look at Rusty’s kitchen makeover. It was lovely to meet this cheeky character as the kitchen progressed.

The old kitchen was looking tired with a display cupboard above the breakfast bar, separating the kitchen from the dining area.

(Before Makeover)

When you’re refreshing your kitchen, it’s often tempting just to put everything back in the same position. However, this the ideal opportunity to take a look at any issues with the layout and use of space, to find a more practical and attractive solution.

With Rusty’s small kitchen, the U-shape had to stay the same but there was plenty of opportunity to change the layout of the appliances. In particular, the freezer was in the dining area and needed relocating to the kitchen. How time consuming and annoying is it to have to squeeze past the dining table every time you need something from the freezer (particularly if you want ice for your cocktails). Your kitchen shouldn’t feel awkward. The layout should make it easier for you to cook, prepare food and entertain your friends.

Another problem, with the original kitchen layout, was the position of the washing machine. With it being squashed between the sink and the fridge, it was difficult to get clothes in and out. It also blocked off access to a corner cupboard, so it reduced the amount of available storage in the kitchen.

The problems that need addressing with the redesign included:

  • Reposition washing machine so easier for washing clothes
  • Provide better access for corner storage
  • Reposition freezer into practical kitchen area
  • Add a dishwasher to the new layout
  • Change over-counter cabinet to wall display cabinet, to make the dining and kitchen area feel connected and more spacious
  • Hide boiler in a cupboard because it’s unsightly
  • Install more practical Butler sink with flexible tap
  • Modern kitchen units, in character with the property, to attract potential buyers
  • Granite worktop to elevate the kitchen style
  • New flooring throughout to connect the kitchen with the dining room. This will make the space feel larger
  • Reposition light/fan into the dining area. This will make the kitchen feel less cluttered and provide a feature above the dining table

Here’s the new kitchen layout:

I love creating a new kitchen design, seeing it on paper and then it appears like magic (after a lot of hard work) in the room. This is how it looks now, modern and stylish:

One of the main changes is the repositioning of the display cabinet. Instead of it separating the kitchen from the dining area, a wall cabinet has opened up the space so that it’s far more sociable for entertaining. This change also makes the room feel larger, which will appeal to potential buyers.

Below the display cabinet, on the dining room side, you’ll see a handle and that cupboard houses the repositioned washing machine. It’s now far more practical to load and unload the washing machine, and allows space for a new dishwasher next to the sink.

To make space for the freezer to be moved from the dining room, I incorporated a tall integrated fridge/freezer. It’s more practical and far easier to access for cocktail hour.

To finish off the kitchen layout, creating a sleek look, a cupboard has been built around the boiler. As well as looking nicer, this makes the kitchen feel wider because the units go from wall to wall. The room also feels more spacious with a large scale, dark grey ceramic floor tile that continues from the kitchen into the dining area. The white units and stone worktop help to make the space look clean and fresh, whilst feeling light and airy. It’s now the perfectly practical, organised and stylish kitchen.

If you have the opportunity to revamp and modernise your kitchen, remember to firstly review the problems and see how you can resolve those niggling issues with an exciting new layout. A few design tweaks will create a kitchen that looks gorgeous and feels amazing.

Rusty was so pleased with his new kitchen.

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