Interior Design :: Executive Lounge

(Kensington, London)

THE BRIEF:  The living room was dated with insufficient storage.   It was also separated from the kitchen with a partition wall and both rooms felt cramped and confined.   Laurence wanted an open plan space with modern touches, feature lighting and defined storage to minimise clutter.

THE DESIGN:  The design focused on open plan living bringing together the kitchen, dining and living space. The focus in the lounge was a feature wall with a letterbox fire, bespoke shelving to showcase the items from Laurence’s travels, and closed cupboard storage to hide the less attractive items.

Lighting was a key requirement for Laurence, enabling him to change the colour and therefore the ambience of the room depending on his mood of the moment. This was a relaxing and fun addition to the room design. Additional feature lighting on the shelves transformed his treasures into an attractive wall of art.

lounge interior design with shutters
lounge interior design with shutters
lounge interior design with shutters
personal accessories
handmade silk cushions


“Gwendoline is extremely professional and always actively listened to our ideas, but at the same time offering suggestions of her own.  Gwendoline is one of the most optimistic individuals we have ever met.   We have really enjoyed working with her and love her dedication to the project.”

Laurence (Kensington, London)