Digital Interior Design :: Modern Eclectic Lounge

(Beckenham, Kent)

THE BRIEF: Mel and her husband hadn’t decorated because they couldn’t agree on a style for the open plan lounge and dining room. Although it was a spacious and light room, it felt plain and soulless. They longed for a calm, relaxing and homely room for entertaining their friends and family.

Mel’s lounge before makeover

THE DESIGN: The original furniture layout positioned the sofa in the open plan area and the dining table in the more enclosed part of the room. This layout didn’t work as the dining area felt cramped and the lounge felt unwelcoming and unsettled.

Flipping the lounge to the more enclosed part of the room created a secluded, warm and cosy area where Mel and her hubby could snuggle up together. The dining table now moved to the larger area created a feeling of openness with more room to entertain and space for the dogs to run around.

Digital Design – Modern Eclectic Lounge

The room was then treated to a new soft and luxurious sofa and open shelving to showcase prized treasures from their travels abroad. It’s now a stylish and cosy space to relax and entertain with their family and friends.


“The digital design service appealed to us as we’re both incredibly busy and we couldn’t find a way to make the space work to reflect our different styles and personalities.

The process was quick and easy to follow with clever questions and a gentle approach that allowed us to fully express how we wanted our space to feel and look like. The digital design interpreted all of our demands and differing opinions to turn them into a space that reflects our personality, harmonises the room and complements the rest of our home.

I would recommend digital interior design unreservedly because it definitely works.”

Mel (Beckenham , Kent)

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