Style For Sale: Little Hadham, Hertfordshire



This rambling period property had been stuck on the market for quite a while and was preventing the owners from moving on with their lives.   The property consisted of a traditional cottage with a converted modern barn.   Like all traditional properties, the challenge was to show the features of the home whilst creating space and light to attract potential buyers.


THE MAKEOVER: The homeowners wanted a quick turnaround so changes consisted of a light refresh to make the property more appealing to buyers.

My main concern was the master bedroom with it’s angry red wall and previously red bedding.   Using cream bedding, I toned down the redness of the room to make it far more attractive to potential buyers.

The property has since sold and the owners are settled in their new home.


“Gwendoline was recommended by my estate agent because they said my house needed a de-clutter and a spruce up.   In particular, I had to redress the imbalance between the large downstairs and smaller upstairs.

Gwendoline was fantastic.   She understood the brief, then we agreed a budget and the way forwards, and off she went with her team.   Most of the changes involved rearranging rooms, defining their purpose clearly and coordinating the colour scheme.    For a huge house like mine, I was expecting a great deal more disruption.

One of her most significant contributions was giving me a schedule of works that included everything I had to do.   It motivated me to get on, I had a clear out of unwanted items and packed up those things I hardly used but wanted to keep.   Gwendoline also gave me lessons in how to show the house and ‘dress’ the beds to attract the buyers.

The house looks fantastic. I love it… we are still going to sell though, but it is a far more pleasant environment and I can’t believe the bedrooms are so stylish.   Each room in the house now has a clearly defined function and colour scheme.   And, the whole cost of the job was extremely reasonable… must have been for my husband to agree.”

Mrs Jackson (Little Hadham, Hertfordshire)