Digital Interior Design is a personalized online interior design service. It’s ideal for the times when you want fresh ideas or need inspiration for your home without actually having an interior designer in your home. Digital Interior Design is the opportunity to experience the luxury of an interior designer online.

Mel’s Personalised Lounge: “The digital design service appealed to me and my husband because we’re both incredibly busy.”

Antoinette’s Romantic Bedroom: “I wasn’t confident creating a romantic bedroom that my husband would also love so I needed a few ideas.”

Lisa’s Organised Bedroom: “The awkward ceiling shapes in the loft master bedroom made it difficult to position furniture so I wanted a layout that worked.”

Digital Interior Design is ideal if you dream of a fabulous, fresh and exciting new design for a room in your home but you don’t know how to achieve it. Maybe you’ve scoured Pinterest boards or magazines and would like a similar look in your home but you can’t visualise how it would work in your room. There might be a time when you’d like to try a new colour scheme or a different style in your home but you’re not confident how to achieve it. Sometimes a clash of opinions is delaying the decoration because it’s difficult to agree on what the room should look like.

Digital Interior Design will bring together your ideas, thoughts and inspirations so that you can see visually how your room would look once the makeover is finished and looking gorgeous.

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