Digital Interior Design :: Modern Elegant Bedroom

(Wimbledon, London)

THE BRIEF: Lisa’s loft master bedroom was full of awkward shapes and odd angles.   Lisa needed to incorporate a functional office into the bedroom but, at the same time, wanted it to feel separate from the sleeping area.   Lisa wanted a relaxing bedroom where she could unwind at the end of the day.

loft master bedroom before makeover

Master Bedroom
before makeover

Office Area
before makeover

THE DESIGN: The design challenge was to separate the bedroom into two distinct areas, one for sleeping and the other as a home office.

At one end of the bedroom was a sofa next to a large window. It dominated the space and was never used so the sofa was removed to make way for a home office. The window brings light and interest into the new office area making it a pleasurable place to sit and work. To separate the office area from the sleeping area, a simple shelving unit was incorporated into the design. This provides additional office storage and it will be styled attractively with Lisa’s family photos.

The new room layout provides Lisa with a flexible bedroom that’s a light filled space to sit and work alongside a cosy and relaxing sleeping area. Sweet dreams.

loft master bedroom floor plan

Room Layout

modern elegant master bedroom with office area

Digital Design

I recommended a geometric wallpaper, in Lisa’s favourite shade of blue, for a feature wall behind the master bed.   The bold wallpaper design helps to focus the eye on the sleeping area and gives it a separate identity from the home office area.

As well as being a practical space, it’s also the relaxing sanctuary that Lisa had always dreamt of.

Awaiting Final Photos


“What a smooth process. It took the faff out of interior design for me. The designer was great and her solution to my problem was so simple and cost effective. Thank you for all your help, I am looking forward to my new bedroom!!”

Lisa (Wimbledon, London)

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