It’s Spring Cleaning Week so I though I would help make it easier for you declutter and organise your home with my Interior Design tips and House Doctor guidance.


Spring cleaning became fashionable in the Edwardian times. After the industrial revolution, with the advancements in technology and medicine, we became aware of the link between dirt and health. We started to love our white bathrooms and it became a ritual to not only keep our homes tidy but also to have a deep clean every season. Spring itself is synonymous with new life so it’s a refreshing time of year to have a clear out and re-organise with a Spring Clean.


When clearing out your cupboards, it’s worth noting the type of things that you collect and how you display or store them. An organised space not only looks attractive but it’s also easy for you to clean up and keep on top of things. A space that is organised to suit your personality will also save you time because everything is laid out how you like it. You can see thinks easier and know where to find things quicker.


It’s particularly important to organise and display your items when you have a collection so today I’m focusing on THE AVID COLLECTOR.


Maybe you have a collection of shoes, teapots or paintings. They’re special to you and deserve to be displayed so that you can see them every day. The correct storage solution will showcase your valued collection, making it easy for you to keep it ordered and clean, protecting its beauty and the value it holds. Each collection has it’s own quirks for storage requirements so let’s take a look at each one in turn.


Shoe collections look lovely displayed on a shelf so that you can easily see what you have and relish in their loveliness. The key when designing storage for shoes is to count how many you have of each type (flat shoes, heeled shoes, boots, trainers) and then make sure you have the right height shelf for each type of shoe. You can order your shoes by colour, style, brand or pop your favourite shoes together. The order you choose is personal preference and depends on how easy it is for you to remember where they are.


Even for children, I recommend that their shoes are ordered because it teaches them healthy organisation habits. Let them choose how their shoes are ordered because giving them responsibility will encourage them to keep it tidy and put their shoes away.


Organising your shoes optimises your available space, giving you room to pop in another pair or two.  Although it’s tempting to keep adding shoes to your collection, try to keep it within the boundaries of your storage capacity. If you’re short on space then consider layering your shoes in a cupboard or a drawer, and use clear plastic shoe boxes to help maximise your storage space. Checkout my Pinterest ‘Sexy Shoes’ board for shoe storage inspiration… and some gorgeous shoes.


Teapot and ceramic collections, like shoes, also look lovely displayed on a shelf. The slight difference is that teapot and ceramic collections require styling so that they tell a story. You could arrange them by date or period so that you can see the development of the ceramic throughout history. Alternatively, you could create a display on the dining room table or a hall console. They would make a beautiful centrepiece or a talking point as you enter your home.


I remember one client who had a teapot collection. It started in the lounge and continued into the kitchen.  When her new partner moved in with her, she had to
re-evaluate the shelving storage in the lounge to accommodate his books. It’s always useful to take the time to reconcile your things when you move into a new home or decide to share your space with someone new. We all want our personal space and compromise is the answer… or give me a call and I’ll help you sort it out so that you both have space for your treasured items. Checkout my Pinterest ‘Teapot Collection’ board for inspiration on how to display your ceramics beautifully.


The third type of collection is Paintings and Pictures. Like shoes and ceramics, these hold many memories to cherish. It might be a classical piece of art or a paining from your child, they’re all precious and need a place to be displayed.


The first consideration is whether you want them displayed neat and ordered or a random collection. If you’re displaying different types or sizes of pictures and paintings then a random or asymmetrical display is more appropriate. If you have photos that you want to look like a collection, say family photos, then you can unify them with the same colour mount and frame. I like to display children’s artwork like this so that they can change the pictures on a regular basis. This is also useful if you’re the type of person who likes to have a frequent change around because you can have the same frame in the same place, but change the picture to refresh your inspiration. This is what I’ll be creating for a client who loves to travel – I’ll have frames that match and she can update the pictures with new ones when she’s visited a new country and wants refreshing inspiration.


I was talking to a lady last week who decorated her room using the colour scheme from her painting. Once she’d redecorated friends started to comment on her painting. They hadn’t noticed it before because it was lost in the décor of the room. That’s why most rooms with a large picture display are a neutral colour, because the neutral wall will showcase the picture. Using the colours in your artwork is a #gorgeous way of creating a strong room scheme that you know you’ll love because you already adore the picture. Checkout my Pinterest ‘Picture Styling’  board if you want to see how to display your pictures in symmetrical and asymmetrical arrangements.


If you think in more detail about the story your space tells then you’ll find it easier to create the right styling for your accessories, whether it’s shoes, teapots of paintings. Also, creating a story in your room will make your space more attractive and personal to you. If your space is personal then it will help you to relax and unwind, making you feel energised and invigorated.


Healthy body, healthy mind and healthy mind all come together to nurture and support you.


Happy #springcleanweek,


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