My Story
Gwendoline Alderton (Interior Designer)

Creating memories to cherish is my personal ethos because you never know when that memory will be the most precious memory that you will cherish forever.   I would like to share with you my memory to cherish because this was one of those defining moments that changed my life forever. Maybe it’s something you’ve experienced, a pivotal moment in time?

It started like any other day… my 2 year old daughter clambering all over me in the early hours, sneaking into my bed to nestle in my arms for her morning cuddle. As I looked down at her angelic face, pain stabbed in the depths of my belly. I tried to ignore the pain because my thoughts were on packing…. I was travelling to Lancashire that day to see my parents.

Later that morning, as I was busy packing, the pain got progressively worse. I was sprawled on the floor writhing amongst the clothes and suitcase in absolute agony. My husband, full of concern and absolute anguish, scooped me up and took me to hospital, like every good husband would.

I don’t remember much of the hospital, apart from laying on a couch surrounded by white coats and blue dresses. A doctor, in a white coat, came into my vision and he was so happy. He got really close and gleefully informed me, through his dazzling white teeth, that I was about to give birth to my baby.   

What!!! No, I was three weeks early?!?  It was at this point that I panicked.   I can’t possibly have my baby now, bung it back in and stitch it up… I’m going to Lancashire. You see, I’d got the call… my father had been diagnosed with Cancer and it was time… I remember the pain in my heart welled far beyond the pain in my belly.

What if I never saw my father alive again? What if I never felt his warm embrace? What if I never heard him tell me that he loves me, just one last time?

I have never pushed so hard in all of my life and my bundle of joy came zooming out like a missile on a mission, my son.


My defining moment was sitting watching my father snuggle my son, both weak, both vulnerable… my father William at the end of his life and my son William at the beginning of his life… memories to cherish.  

It was this defining moment when I realised that I had to change my path… to move away from the I.T. profession and harness my artistic skills to help others fashion their rooms into warm and nurturing homes where they enjoy spending time with friends and family, creating their own precious memories to cherish.

As the musician, Bob Dylan once said,  “Take care of all your memories because you can’t relive them.”