As the evenings start to get lighter and my chickens are wanting to come out of their coop for a wander, it’s starting to look a lot like Spring.  I always look forward to Spring because it’s a blast of colour after the grey winter months. It gives a boost to your home and helps rejuvenate your space.


Spring is a wonderful time of year full of hope and excitement. It brings with it new growth and rejuvenation. It’s a fabulous time to take stock of your home and look at how you can refresh it to give you that boost of energy.


Today, I’m sharing with you the latest interior design trends of colour, texture and pattern. They’re quick and effective interior design changes that will create your healthy and happy home, to help invigorate you every day.



If I asked you what’s the Spring colour, you would probably say YELLOW. This year is no different with golden yellow taking centre stage.


Yellow is a happy and uplifting colour that’s easy to blend into your home. It’s a wonderful colour accompanied with white for a crisp and clean look, with grey for something modern or with accents of blue for a harmonious feel.




With daffodils and snowdrops blooming there’s fresh inspiration in interiors for floral. There’s a whole basket of choice from ditsy prints through to full English blooms.


As I sit here in my office, I’m greeted by pink rose wallpaper that brightens my day. I never get bored of it because it makes me feel as if I’m sitting in an old English walled garden. It’s feels restful and inspiring.


With wallpaper you can be subtle or go bold, and you can wallpaper one feature wall or have the whole room dancing in pattern. The key question to ask when deciding is: how much pattern do you want in your space? Loads or Little? If you want loads then you could have a feature wall with a bold pattern but if you want little then you could have a subtle floral that’s on all of the walls.



This season, interiors have gone fluffy and frilly with texture galore. It’s a light and airy style that will make your space feel graceful and bright.


You can use frills to create a romantic Parisian bedroom, a shabby chic lounge or even an elegant English parlour. A frill adds texture and an added dimension to any room in the shape of a cushion, bedding or a throw. It takes something quite plain and elevates it to soft and #gorgeous.



I hope this has given you fresh ideas and inspiration for Spring that will help you create your stylish and healthy home. If you need further advice then you could send me a note or, if you prefer to see me in person, either book a design consultation or be a guest at my Secret Design Party.

Looking forward to sharing a healthier year with you in 2018
Gwendoline Alderton
BIID Interior Designer
GA Interiors