Here are the highlights from my Summer 2018 interior design master class, the Secret Design Party.  It was lovely to be able to share my knowledge and experiences of how to create a stylish and healthy home with the guests.

Here are thoughts from the party guests:

Hazel Cannon

(Mentor & Adviser)

I have to say that I was terrified at the thought of decorating my new Georgian apartment as I didn’t know where to start. My favourite takeaway from the Secret Design Party is now I have a method and a plan for how I’m going to address each room, so I’ve gone from dreading it to being absolutely delighted and excited about the design. It’s going to help me really enjoy the whole design experience and I just can’t wait to get started.

Paul Kyle

(Father & Design Enthusiast)

I came to the Secret Design Party because I thought it would be really useful to get some tips on how to decorate my house. My favourite takeaways is how to use bold colour as I was a bit apprehensive on how to do that, but Gwendoline has given me the confidence to use bold colour in a scheme.



I came to the Secret Design Party because I’m starting my bedroom from scratch and wanted help with how to create a design and put it into practice. My favourite takeaway is that I came away with lots of notes and bouncing ideas off other people was really useful. It was a group of lovely people. I would describe the Secret Design Party as fun and very helpful, especially if you’re doing a project. It was definitely worth it.

Spaces at each interior design master class are limited so it’s advisable to book early if you’d like to be a guest at the next Secret Design Party.