The 5 Steps of Digital Interior Design

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

Each digital interior design follows the same 5 step process to ensure quality of design.   My aim is for each design to be created within approximately two weeks from the date that I have your measurements and accompanying room photos.   This clear and thorough process ensures each designer produces a digital design that’s the room of your dreams.

Step 1: Consult

The first step is an Initial Design Consultation via a phone call or a Skype call so that I can get to know all about you and your problem room.   You can share with me your dreams and aspirations for our new room but it’s also an ideal opportunity to tell me about all of the current problems that you have with the room, any special features or furniture that you want to keep in the room and what advice and guidance you specifically need from me, your designer.

Lounge/Diner Before

Lounge/Diner After

At the end of the call you’ll feel assured and confident that I can create the room of your dreams because I’ll have a clear understanding of the problems that the room poses for you, I’ll be aware of your individual requirements and I’ll understand how you would like your room to look and feel in the dream setting.

Step 2: Inform

The second step is information gathering so that I can create the perfect digital design for your room.   I will need you to send me some photos and measurements of the room.   Don’t worry if you’re not a photographer or good at measuring because I provide you with a simple checklist to help you understand how to take the photos and measurements of the room.  

Architect Plans

You could also send me a link to your Pinterest board so that I can see the types of interiors that inspire you.

At the end of this step I’ll have the detailed information needed to create your digital design.   I’ll have photos of your room so that I can clearly see the layout of the room, photos of items you want to keep so that I understanding everything that needs to be incorporated into the new design, and photos of your inspiration so that I understand the type of look and feel you want for the room.   Don’t worry if you have no inspiration because I have plenty and can offer you suggestions to make your room look absolutely gorgeous.

Step 3: Create

Taking into consideration our conversation from step 1 and the information from step 2, I’ll assign one of our designers who  will suit your individual requirements and personal style. 

The designer will create each of the following elements that will help you understand our recommended design. Our recommended design will best suit your personal style, your budget, your timeframe for the makeover and any individual preferences that you mentioned during our discussion.

A Room Design is a picture of your new room design as it could look after the makeover.   With a room design you can imagine yourself in the room because it’s easy to see where the furniture and accessories are positioned in the room and how they blend with each other to create a co-ordinated design.

Lounge/Diner Room Design

Lounge/Diner After Makeover

A room design provides you with clarity of thought because you can visualise how the room would look.   It also provides you with confidence because you can see that the room design is going to work and suit your personal requirements before you’ve bought a piece of furniture or put the paint on the walls.   A room design helps to maximise your budget because you will know exactly what needs to be bought so you’re not buying the wrong things, or wasting time shopping and then having to return them.   A room design will save you time and stress because you can prepare for the makeover more efficiently knowing that it will look  absolutely gorgeous when finished.

Floor Plan is an overview of a room to primarily showcase the furniture positioning.   It’s most useful if you have a room with a dual function and you’re unsure what the best layout would be, for example: Lisa’s loft bedroom with the master bedroom and home office or Mel’s lounge and dining room.

Lounge/Diner Floor Plan

Dining Area After Makeover

Our designer will share with you the recommended ‘best’ design for your room that will suit your style, the room, and your budget.

As well as highlighting the furniture layout, a floor plan will showcase accessory placement.   This is useful for you to understand where each element of the design needs to be placed in the room to achieve the desired room design.

Lounge/Diner Accessories

Another use for a floor plan is for the times when the flooring changes between one area and another, for example: when you have a master bedroom that leads into an en-suite bathroom or you have a kitchen that’s connected to a lounge.   A floor plan provides you with a birds eye view, a top down view, of the room so that you can see the design in its entirety.

Design Report is an overview of the design and or recommendations in a written word document.   It highlights each element of the design providing you with a description and photos for the items we recommend you need to purchase.   For example: it will showcase the colour scheme and help you understand  in detail which walls will be painted which colour, and it will show you the recommended window treatment in more detail so that you understand exactly  what to look for on the high street or have professionally handmade.

The Design Report will help you understand the theory and reasoning behind your design.   This in turn will help you make informed choices when you go shopping for items.   This is particularly important if you’re shopping on the high street and the shops don’t stock the item that you were looking for so you then have to make an alternative choice.    Being more informed on the design will clarify your ideas as well as save you time and a whole lot of stress when you’re sourcing and shopping.

Shopping List is as it says, a list of items that you will need to purchase for the room.   It will highlight the size, quantity and  colour of each item required.   The shopping list is a high level list of items to help jog your memory when you’re sourcing products for the room design.

At the end of this step the digital interior design will be created for your individual room and personal style.

Step 4: Recommend

The digital interior design is sent to you and then we have a Design Review, via a phone call or a Skype call, so that you have the opportunity to review your design and ask any questions concerning the specifics of your room design.   This call gives you the opportunity to highlight any concerns and address any disappointments (of which we usually have none).   It also gives you the opportunity to say what you love about the design and how it will suit you, your home and your lifestyle.


By having all of your concerns answered, you’ll feel clearer and more confident about your room design.

Step 5: Finalise

We never leave you disappointed and we understand that once you visually see a room design, that you’ve had in your head for quite a while, that it can sometimes be disappointing because it’s not what you expected.   For this reason, we offer a free revision and review so that we have the opportunity to tweak the design to suit your final requirements.  

If you’d like to find out about your personal digital interior design then contact me today and we can discuss your individual requirements.